Luxury Apartments with Smart Home System in İstanbul, Arnavutköy

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181 m2 - 318 m2





Istanbul's Arnavutköy neighborhood is known for its stunning Bosphorus views and rich historical heritage. As a result of its historical significance and natural beauty, Arnavutköy attracts visitors from all over the world. The strategic location of the city makes it easy for residents to access public transit easily. If you're looking for a home in Istanbul, these apartments for sale in Hadmköy might suit you.

These luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, Arnavutköy are just a few steps away from the Arnavutköy Municipality and District Governorship building. The nearest market is 100 to 200 meters away. 16 km is the distance between the airport and these apartments for sale. Furthermore, Arnavutköy Cultural Center and state institutions are nearby, ensuring a lively cultural and administrative atmosphere. It takes just a few minutes to reach the Taşoluk metro station, making commuting effortless. Within a 5-minute drive, hiking forests and promenades can be found near Karaburun Beach. Çam and Sakura Hospital is only 15 minutes far from here. Additionally, Bahçe International Rainbow College, Arnavutköy College, and Beykent University are near the complex.

This residential complex occupies 5,150 m2 of lush green surroundings. It offers a range of modern amenities, including parks, a children's playground, security measures with CCTV surveillance, a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, serene walking paths, multiple sports courts, camellias, indoor car parking areas, and more.

Types of Apartments:

  • 2+1 duplexes are from 181 m2 to 236 m2 and include a living room, a separate kitchen, two bedrooms, a cellar room, two bathrooms, and one or two terraces (some layouts include a balcony, a laundry room, and a dressing room)
  • 3+1 apartments are from 238 m2 to 287 m2 and include  a living room, a separate kitchen, three bedrooms, a laundry room, an ensuite bathroom, and a bathroom (some layouts include a garden and a balcony)
  • 3+1 duplexes are from 239 m2 to 275 m2 and include a living room, a separate kitchen, three bedrooms, a cellar room, two bathrooms, and one or two terraces (some layouts include a garden, a balcony, and a laundry room)
  • 4+1 duplexes are 299 m2 and include a living room, a separate kitchen, four bedrooms, a cellar room, two bathrooms, and one or three terraces
  • 5+1 duplexes are 318 mand include a living room, a separate kitchen, five bedrooms, a cellar room, a laundry room, an ensuite bathroom, two bathrooms, a balcony and two terraces

Located in Istanbul's Arnavutköy district, these apartments come equipped with state-of-the-art smart home systems and provide you with contemporary interiors including built-in spotlights, a fitted kitchen, fully tiled bathrooms with furniture and shower cabinets, ceramic flooring, a steel security door, double-glazed windows, etc.

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